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Press Kit

"Tech Neck" happens when our phones are resting in our laps or are held down by our waists. By falling into the habit of raising your phone to eye level, you can prevent the symptoms of tech neck from ever developing. This app will notify you if you need to straighten your neck. It measures the angle you are holding your phone and keeps track of your daily and weekly progress. The app runs in the background while you may continue to use your phone as usual.

  • Name

    Tech Neck

  • Platform

    App Store (iOS)

  • Availability

    Available in all countries and localized for English, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified), Hindi and Arabic

  • Release Date

    November 5th, 2020

Privacy Policy

"Tech Neck" does not collect or share any of your personal data. Period. What happens on your iPhone stays on your iPhone.


This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time for any reason. I will notify you of any changes to this Privacy Policy by posting the new Privacy Policy here. You are advised to consult this Privacy Policy regularly for any changes, as continued use is deemed approval of all changes.

Contact me

If you have any questions regarding privacy while using the application please contact me via email at support (at)

Effective: December 19, 2020